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Shipping Information

The shipping of your product(s) is bound by the following terms.

  • Stationery World does not offer FREE shipping unless mentioned otherwise on product’s respective pages. However, we hold the full right to change this provision and charge shipping fee, if and when deems fit.

  • We work hard to ensure successful delivery within 5-7 days. But, at times, this duration can be stretched to even 10-15 days due to unforeseen reasons. Also buyer’s location too plays an important role as to how quickly you receive your products. The estimated delivery time is regularly communicated to the respective customers/clients. You will always be updated with the shipment of your order(s).

  • Stationery World is not liable for any delay or non-delivery of the purchased products in event of a flood, war, fire, natural calamities or anything that is beyond our control.

  • Stationery World is not responsible for any delay in delivery caused by the courier company. Such instances will be clearly communicated to you by either us or the courier company itself.

  • If any scenario arises when the product is not delivered or delivered to a wrong place due to mistakes by you (which includes, but not limited to, providing incorrect address and name), the extra cost of re-delivery will be claimed from you.

  • Incomplete delivery must be reported to us within 10 days of the delivery.

  • If you shop for multiple products less than one payment transaction, all your products will be sent to you in one shipment.

  • If you’re not at home or at the given address at the time of the delivery, you will be communicated with the courier personnel as to how and when the delivery be made successful.

Regarding return, refund and cancellation, kindly refer the respective page.

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to resolve your shipping related queries.

We have full right to amend, scrap and add (to) these shipping terms.

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